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An acclaimed singer/songwriter, Michele has garnered the reputation as a masterful communicator, able to create melodies and lyrics that resonate deeply in the heart and soul of the listener.

New material keeps gushing out, and, happily, the quantity of Mele's creative output is matched by its consistently high quality. Her fifth album, 2012's Cha Cha, received some of the best reviews of her career, and it graced the playlists of more than 50 smooth jazz stations in the U.S.. There was an equally enthusiastic response to Michele's 2014 album, Dream (released on Abbeywood Records). 

Michele's most recent musical endeavors bare her effervescent stage presence in “ROBERM” and unbounded creativity in her original circus musical “Universe in a Kiss”. ROBERM, a live performance group, brings you on a playful journey with heavyweight pianists, Bernie Senensky and Robi Botos. Universe in a Kiss takes a different route, incorporating aerial circus acts and a full orchestral soundtrack to articulate Michele’s magical tale of the stars and love.

You could say that by pursuing music, Michele Mele is carrying on the family business. She grew up in a family of professional musicians. Piano was Michele's first instrument, and she holds degrees from the University of Toronto, Faculty of Music and Faculty of Education (she often works as a music educator). Mele's ability as a composer, songwriter and arranger became evident early in her career. In 1989 her composition "That's All I Know" became a Gold­ Certified hit in Canada for singer Neil Donell. In 1991, she composed for and arranged a series of choral concerts for the Toronto Philharmonic Orchestra, and became active leading a band on the club circuit as well as writing and arranging for other artists.

During a busy creative career, Michele has found time to raise four children and master such adventurous pursuits as scuba diving, slalom water­skiing, and the trapeze! Her debut album, Like This, was released in 2002, followed by 2004's Laugh, with both records eliciting praise for the intelligent songwriting they showcased. 2006's Feel featured some bossa- styled numbers and fresh new versions of a couple of standards, while 2008's Naked On The Rocks served as the score to a highly successful one­woman show that toured internationally. Its songs included rock, blues and country material that proved Mele can shine in any musical setting. Now, after kicking up her heels on Dream, Michele Mele unearths new gems, ROBERM and Universe in a Kiss.


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